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The Crown Mark: Fusing Heritage and Modernity

To modernise, elevate, and position The Crown Hotel as an upmarket destination in Stamford, a rebranding initiative was undertaken. The new ‘Crown Mark’ was created, incorporating serif elements from previous typography to honour the venue’s heritage while projecting a future-focused image of connection, celebration, and shared experiences.

Elegant Typography and Refined Colours

The brand mark was designed with elegant typography, featuring delicate characteristics and spacing, exuding a sense of quality. Thoughtfully chosen colours further enhanced the brand’s powerful and graceful presence.

Enhanced Menus and Typography

Menus were redesigned to provide a clean and simplified typographical experience, celebrating white space to create a sense of calm for the reader. Well-defined sections showcased taste and class, while refined typography elevated the overall quality of the communication.

Celebrating Local Produce and Ambient Atmosphere

The imagery selection focused on showcasing local and seasonal produce, highlighting the vibrant colours and surroundings. Attention to space and lighting brought forth an ambient atmosphere, capturing the essence of The Crown Hotel’s unique charm.

Reflective Colours and Enhanced User Experience on the Website

Carefully selected colours defined different sections of the menus and reflected the mood at various times of the day. The website was meticulously designed to offer a higher calibre of user experience, ensuring a seamless flow and a strong sense of connection with visitors.

The Outcome: A Boutique Brasserie Feel with Eclectic Qualities

The rebranding efforts resulted in The Crown Hotel acquiring a boutique brasserie feel, infused with eclectic qualities derived from local historical memorabilia. The overall transformation successfully positioned The Crown Hotel as a premier destination, attracting discerning guests seeking a refined and unforgettable experience.

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